Does your company use the most up-to-date COBRA notice? Does your company send initial notifications to new employees as required by law? What about conversion and unavailability notices? Is your company in the habit of sending COBRA notices by proof of mailing? Do you have a written notice of procedures regarding disability extensions and secondary qualifying events?

Never worry about COBRA compliance again!

By outsourcing your COBRA administration to Benefit Coordinators, your company be in compliance with the ever-changing rules and regulations, and you can be certain that your employees and their dependents are protected as well. Non-compliance penalties could put your company out of business.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Those three words are very important when outsourcing your COBRA administration. Most Third-Party Administrators are not insured for the liability in the event of an error under COBRA Administration. Your company may get back a portion of the administration fee if the TPA makes an error, but what about the $1,000,000 medical bill that your company has to pay because of that error? We have the insurance to cover any errors, should they occur.

Our staff of COBRA experts handles all aspects of COBRA administration from the time the employee is no longer employed with your company. Not only do we mail all required notifications, but we answer all questions from qualified beneficiaries and participants. Elections and premiums are processed daily and remitted back to your company on a monthly basis. In addition, we take care of notifying your insurance carrier should someone enroll or terminate from COBRA.

As the employer you have access to view your company’s COBRA data anytime online through Our HR portal allows you to see who has elected COBRA, benefits selected, paid through dates, among others. Employer specific reports are also available online.

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